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Glow Up with Cryo

Elevate your beauty regimen with an exclusive and unbeatable deal! CRYO presents three amazing services for one incredible price. Refresh, revitalise, and rejuvenate with this fantastic offer today!

The Combination Of three Amazing Services In One Incredible Package!

Refresh, rejuvenate, & revitalise with our all-in-one cryo beauty package!

Indulge in the ultimate transformation with our “Glow up with Cryo” package, tailored for those seeking to elevate their beauty regimen with the transformative power of Cryo. This all-encompassing package brings together three exceptional beauty-themed services into one extraordinary offering.

This package includes, 3 sessions of CryoLED, A Anti-Aging – Skin Rejuvenation session and a Full Pro Teeth Whitening Service (3 sessions).

Everyone possesses inherent beauty, but let the transformative power of Cryo unveil your ultimate radiance.


X3 Sessions of CryoLED

CryoLED is a targeted treatment that uses cold temperatures and LED light therapy that can help reduce inflammation, improve skin appearance, and promote healing. It can help assist with conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Anti-Aging (Skin Rejuvination)

The health and beauty industry has long turned to nature for inspiration for not only herbal and organic skin treatments but safe and effective therapies for a more youthful appearance.

Full Pro Teeth Whitening Treatment (3 Sessions)

Our Pro White teeth whitening system is one of the leaders in safe and effective professional teeth whitening systems.

Serviced By Experienced Professionals

During your first session, you will meet with one of our experienced staff members to discuss your goals and expectations. They will also help you to determine which treatment is right for you and answer any questions you may have.

Embark On A Journey To Discover The True You With CRYO, & Seize This Amazing Offer Today!

Offer Valued At $637.00

Get it today for $399.95 (AUD)