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Explore the diverse array of cryogenic solutions within our service offerings for new customers, including cryotherapy, cryoLED, skin treatments, teeth whitening, and more. Immerse yourself in the transformative CRYO experience with our expert services.

General Wellbeing

Pain Relief

Explore pain relief options with Cryo! 3-minute sessions! it may help in reduced inflammation, improved joint function. Cryo LED, FDA-approved for natural pain reduction. Decide your preference; our friendly staff can discuss your needs.

Pain Relief Cryo treatments:

Intro Into CRYO

Discover the power of cold therapy! Get a taste of cryotherapy and CryoLED with our intro bundle – 6 sessions for only $399.95 (save over $100!)


Consider Cryotherapy for recovery. Whether after injury, surgery, or a night out, sessions aid muscle repair and reduce soreness. Ideal for athletes and rehab. Explore benefits with our staff.

Recovery-focused Cryo treatments:

What Are You Waiting For?

Discover the life-changing benefits of cryotherapy at CRYO and begin your path to improved well-being. Take that initial step towards a healthier, revitalised version of yourself!

Glow Up With CRYO

Unleash your youthful glow! This limited-time package combines CryoLED, Skin rejuvenation, & teeth whitening - all for $399.95 (valued at $637).

Welcome To CryoLED

Experience the revitalizing power of CryoLED and save over $100 on three sessions!

Weight Loss

Explore Cryotherapy’s weight loss potential, aiding in muscle repair and soreness relief post-injury or surgery, and ideal for athletes and rehabilitation, offering a holistic approach to wellness—speak with our staff to learn more.

Weight Loss / Fat Burning Cryo treatments:

Beauty Treatments

Discover a range of appearance-enhancing services at Cryo! From skin rejuvenation to teeth whitening, our treatments offer a holistic approach to elevate your aesthetic well-being. Schedule a consultation today or ask one of our friendly staff for more information on our services.

*Only Available at Rosebery Location.

Beauty Treatment-focused Cryo treatments:


Beat the Heat Bundle
(40 Sessions!)

Stay cool and refreshed all summer long with the Beat the Heat Bundle! This package includes 40 sessions of full-body cryotherapy and CryoLED, for a fraction of the price of individual sessions.

Contact Us Today!

New to cryotherapy and seeking guidance on what to expect and which treatment is best suited to your needs? Have a chat with one of our CRYO specialists. What are you waiting for embark on your wellness journey today!